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What are “The Ostium Files”?

For anyone who might’ve missed it, here was the recent announcement and info on a new mini episode series called “The Ostium Files” on our Patreon. You can subscribe now for as little as $2. Coming to the Ostium patrons during Season 2, in… Continue Reading “What are “The Ostium Files”?”

Ostium @ Podcon

If you missed the first big Ostium-related announcement this week, you can read all about it here. In other big news, Ostium will have a presence at Podcon, the biggest podcast convention ever, taking place in Seattle on December 9 and 10. Our very… Continue Reading “Ostium @ Podcon”

Vote for Ostium!

For the first time, the Ostium Podcast is up for some Audioverse Awards. Show your love and appreciation, or let others know about this strange show about a very strange place. Click on the banner above or the logo below or follow this link.… Continue Reading “Vote for Ostium!”

The Ostium Store

It’s official: the Ostium store is now open. In the store you’ll find a whole range of products related to everything Ostium, whether it’s cellphone covers, iPad cases, clocks, shirts, skirts, stickers, posters, bumper stickers, and so much more. To check out the Ostium… Continue Reading “The Ostium Store”

Ostium is on Vybed Out Radio!

To hear Ostium on Vybed Out Radio, tune in and/or log on every TUESDAY and THURSDAY at 8AM and 5PM Eastern Standard Time. The Story of Vybed Out Records begins in the year 2009.  The greatest producer in the world M@nni M@n!a, then known as J-Cup,  Linked up… Continue Reading “Ostium is on Vybed Out Radio!”

Rate and Review us on Podchaser!

We teamed up with Podchaser to provide you, our wonderful listeners, with exclusive access to the beta version of Podchaser. Podchaser gives you the ability to rate and review individual podcast episodes and discover new shows based on trending episodes. Go to and… Continue Reading “Rate and Review us on Podchaser!”

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Ostium is Coming . . . (22)

Ostium is Coming . . . (21)

Ostium is Coming . . . (20)