Team Ostium


Alex C. Telander

Alex is the creator, writer and producer for Ostium.

Alex started writing as a teenager, and has penned a number of novels and numerous short stories. For ten years he ran Bookbanter, a site and blog of book reviews and author interviews. He has self-published two short story collections, Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers and In That Quiet Earth, as well as a young adult novel, Kyra: The First Book of Enchantus. His short story, “My Dark Genesis,” was published in the anthology, These Vampires Still Don’t Sparkle. For info and updates on Alex, you can follow him on Twitter: @bookbanter.


Chris Fletcher

Chris is the voice of Jake Fisher. Chris also composes the interstitial music pieces in each episode of Ostium.

Chris teaches high school English and enjoys making music in his spare time. In the early days of podcasting, Chris produced an anthology horror fiction podcast called The Late Late Show. Yes, one of Alex’s stories was featured on an episode . . . it was the start of a beautiful friendship.


Georgia Mckenzie

Georgia is the voice of Monica. She also made the Ostium teasers and has written for the podcast.

Georgia is a writer, director and performer in Northern California. She’s been location photographer for events such as the Davis Music Festival and film & TV productions like “Rellik”. Her directorial debut was in the short, “RomCom Studies”, the script for which was a finalist in the First Time TV Writer’s competition. See more of her work at

Arden Rachel

Arden is the stunning voice actor behind the character Thyra in the Circe Podcast.

Arden Rachel is an artist and actress in the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently works as a web developer, graphic designer, and visual artist. Some of her hobbies include (not-so-daily) vlogging and creating art-related videos on YouTube, as well as a lifelong obsession with computer games. You can find her on most social media as @ardenrachelart, and more of her work can be found at

Emma Sherr-Ziarko

Emma is the incredible voice actor behind the character Clystra in the Circe Podcast.

Emma is an award-winning voice actor, best known for her performance as Renée Minkowski on the audio drama Wolf 359. Originally primarily a stage actor, she trained at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts, and received her B.A. in Theater from Wesleyan University. After graduating, she moved to New York City, which is where she discovered a passion for voice acting. She won an Audio Verse Award for Lead Actress in 2016 for Wolf 359, and you can also hear her on Ars Paradoxica, StarTripper!!, and several upcoming audio dramas. She also collaborated with Wolf 359’s Gabriel Urbina for a radio play for the podcast Anthology called Across the Sea. She’s currently working on narrating and producing a series of fantasy audiobooks in her home of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Belinda Roddie

Belinda is the great voice actor behind Pragma, the love of Thyra.

Belinda Roddie is a self-published author, high school educator, voice actor, cosplayer, and cofounder of an online theater company. They have contributed to the Ostium Podcast as both a minisode writer and the voice of Pragma. Currently, they reside in the San Francisco bay area with their wife and two cats.

Dwayne Farver

Dwayne is the creator, writer, director and sound designer for the Manifestations Podcast, and the voice of Alan on the show.

Dwayne is from the northeastern part of central Pennsylvania.  When not at his day job, a sales analyst, he can be found with his husband David Wida Jr. and their two opinionated chihuahuas, Hampton and Edie.  Other interests, not surprising, are Sci-Fi/Fantasy books and movies. A music enthusiast with a heavy leaning toward prog rock, alt-rock, and heavy metal classics.  History and science are big factors in Dwayne’s world view. With a little psychology thrown in for flavor.

Penelope Dyer

Penelope is the voice after for the character QILA on the Manifestations Podcast.

Manifestations is Penelope’s podcast debut. She hails from the heart of Pennsylvania and is a Mom and salesperson by day, who enjoys voice acting in the night.  Penelope loves music, cooking, studying French, and spending time with her daughter and their menagerie of rescued pets. You can find out more about her or listen to her other demos at


Sara Warren

Sara Warren is the brilliant artist behind the Ostium logo, transcript covers and illustrations.

Sara, known to some by her alias Captain Sunshine, has been dabbling in art since she was a wee bairn. She is a fan or horror, video games and kick-ass women and these themes run through much of her work. When not illustrating for projects and fun, she can often been found playing video games, immersed in a book or venturing out of doors for camping and hiking. She’s also got a soft spot for critters, especially her 13lb tomcat. Check out Sara’s Facebook art page.

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