Season Six Guest Stars

Lucille Valentine

Lucille is the voice actor for the character Yoxall in Ostium Season Six.

Lucille is a desert rat masquerading as a voice actor, poetry and fiction writer, visual artist, and sensitivity consultant. Since translocating from the Arizona desert to a Florida swamp, she spends her free time reading poetry to be sad on purpose, warding off slugs from her garden, and engaging in general heathenry. You can hear her in numerous podcasts, including The Silt Verses, The Easiest of All the Hard Things, and Inn Between, as well as others.

Kira Apple

Kira is the voice actor for the character Marla in Ostium Season Six.

Kira is a part-time voice actor and full-time cat wrangler. Her other voice work includes the role of Jack St. James in Superstition, Katya Harper in Electromancy, and Cybilene on Inn Between (Season 4, forthcoming). A bookseller at Charis Books & More, the oldest independent feminist bookstore in the US South, Kira can be found on Twitter @KiraAppleVA and at

Madelyn Dorta

Madelyn is the voice actor for the character Sofia in Ostium Season Six.

Madelyn is a voice actor, audio creator, producer, and playwright. Madelyn has two fiction podcasts of her own, Meteor City, and CovenCast: A Disaster’s Guide to Magic which she produces under her multimedia production studio, Wrightwood Studios. When she’s not listening to or making audio dramas, she is consuming way too much caffeine and adding way too many books to her TBR list.

Elijah Gabriel

Elijah is the voice actor for the character Draymond in Ostium Season Six.

Elijah is an Afro-Latino first-generation American whose background and culture have influenced his perspective on the world and the worlds he writes about. He’s a creative writer and producer with a background in statistics and consulting, who likes creating fictional worlds layered with social commentary and culture. This has translated into my themes dealing with identity, multiculturalism, language, and the psychology of the disenfranchised as they attempt to carve out their own identities in the situations and worlds they find themselves in.

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