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The Ostium Podcast is an ongoing audiodrama series by Alex C. Telander. Primarily a novelist and short story writer, Alex decided to try writing a podcast after getting hooked on shows like Welcome to Nightvale, Limetown, and The Black Tapes. Ostium began as a small and simple idea that has now grown into an ongoing, multi-season storyline.

Jake Fisher discovers the hidden town of Ostium while playing a game of Geoguessr at work. He can’t get Ostium out of his head and starts driving north in search of the town. Eventually he finds it, surrounded by a high wall, and a population of zero. But once he gets inside he finds many doors that lead to different places in space and time. Along the way he meets up with fellow Ostium traveler, Monica, as they go on many adventures together.

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You can download the press kit in a zip file by clicking here (and click on the download button).

Team Ostium

Alex C. Telander: Writer and Producer

In addition to writing, Alex is an avid reader and book reviewer, and is the creator behind Bookbanter, a website and blog featuring written and audio author interviews, and almost a thousand book reviews. His favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife and four-year-old son.

Chris Fletcher: Voice Actor and Composer

Chris teaches high school English and enjoys making music in his spare time. In the early days of podcasting, Chris produced an anthology horror fiction podcast called The Late Late Show. Yes, one of Alex’s stories was featured on an episode . . . it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Alex and Chris met while working at Borders bookstores.

Georgia Mckenzie: Voice Actor and Writer

Georgia Mckenzie is a writer, director and performer in Northern California. She’s been location photographer for events such as the Davis Music Festival and film & TV productions like “Rellik”. Her directorial debut was in the short, “RomCom Studies”, the script for which was a finalist in the First Time TV Writer’s competition. See more of her work at

Alex and Georgia also met while working at Borders Bookstores.

Sara Warren: Art Guru

Sara, known to some by her alias Captain Sunshine, has been dabbling in art since she was a wee bairn. She is a fan or horror, video games and kick-ass women and these themes run through much of her work. When not illustrating for projects and fun, she can often been found playing video games, immersed in a book or venturing out of doors for camping and hiking. She’s also got a soft spot for critters, especially her 13lb tomcat. Check out Sara’s Facebook art page.

Alex and Sara – you guessed it! – met while working at Borders bookstores.

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Twitter: @ostiumpodcast




Where to find Ostium

The Ostium Podcast can be found on most podcast listening apps, including: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Podcast Addict, RadioPublic, Podbean, and many others. For more details, go here.


The Ostium Podcast comes out every two weeks during each ten-episode season.

And the Reviews are in . . .

Ostium is Os…tonishing

What a great way to spend time! *You don’t have to be a Pro listener for this one, it’s easy to follow along! If your mind wonders, it’s ok. This story is paced so that you can keep going without feeling like you’ve lost the entire plot. Distractions won’t distract this series! *Ok, so our author is using this format to get out a big message, but he does it so well. I don’t feel like I’m being educated, or lectured. I couldn’t even guess his political leanings…but I can say for sure…our author cares about this planet and is engaging us in those concerns in an interesting, fun, unique listen! *I highly recommend Ostium. It’s a great story, done very well. *It’s a relaxing listen! There aren’t any horrific, upsetting parts. *Just consistently good entertainment! – Mommabird25

Great Show

I’ve been listening to podcasts like Tanis and Rabbits lately. Once I got current with them I was itching for something similar to scratch my podcast itch. I thankfully found Ostium. I feel it’s like Lost meets the video game Myst if that makes any sense. Anyway I plowed through season 1 in 24 hours and I can’t wait for more. Check it out! – DBNYX

Top Shelf Podcast

If you like serial style audio dramas, then I highly recommend checking this podcast out. It’s engaging from the get go, doesn’t insult your intelligence and the creative team are obviously fans themselves of the genre. They dole out pieces of information just enough to keep you hooked, without making the answers easy. Add in a dry sense of humor and you really can do worse with your free time than this podcast. Enjoy. =) – JaySwasher

A mysterious delight!

I am delighted by what Ostium is bringing to the table; a lovely story that has me wondering where it’s going next. The music and sound design is excellent, which provides the necessary backdrop to the character’s entries. Jake’s voice takes a few episodes to loosen up and settle into a defined voice, which is perfectly normal, and Monica’s VA is absolutely lovely. The new season just started!  – ShoMarq

The Secret Podcast

I absolutely love finding podcasts like this, when you’re going about your daily business and suddenly stumble across a total gem by chance. Ostium is a brilliantly written, well-performed story with a deeply engrossing plot. I’m really hoping it gets the attention and popularity it deserves (hence my review!) because I really want to see more episodes.  – Holly Hunt-Watts

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