What are “The Ostium Files”?


For anyone who might’ve missed it, here was the recent announcement and info on a new mini episode series called “The Ostium Files” on our Patreon.

You can subscribe now for as little as $2.

Coming to the Ostium patrons during Season 2, in addition to more Enigmatic Mysteries of the Unknown, is . . . The Ostium Files!

When you became a Patreon patron, and showed your undying devotion to a very special podcast called Ostium, you were assigned a unique door number.

If you were to pass through your specific door, what would you find behind it? Where would you be?

More importantly, when would you be?

The Ostium Files answers this. In each installment of the Ostium Files, we’ll take a look behind one of these doors and see a piece of history, or perhaps a chapter of the future? A special event that was fundamental in the creation of our universe perhaps? Or our world? What about some of those important, pivotal moments in history? Wouldn’t it have been amazing to witness it, to somehow experience it . . .

Welcome to . . . The Ostium Files.

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