Ostium is on Vybed Out Radio!

Vybed Out Radio

To hear Ostium on Vybed Out Radio, tune in and/or log on every TUESDAY and THURSDAY at 8AM and 5PM Eastern Standard Time.

The Story of Vybed Out Records begins in the year 2009.  The greatest producer in the world M@nni M@n!a, then known as J-Cup,  Linked up with fledgling rappers Omega Freeque and One-Cre.  They would spend the next 5 years honing their respective crafts while simultaneously influencing each other and growing as artists and people.  Enter spring 2014.  That would be the year Mutual Respect would meet the natural-born hustler, the living Pharoah, the music man, Sky TuT.  Sky TuT, an Atlanta Native, was the CEO of AVSMusic and now a steadfast companion of Mutual Respect.  Fast forward to 2017.  Omega Freeque had become P.A, Cre dropped the One from his name, and M@nni M@n!a was in full effect.  This year would see them add the creative mind behind Pap3rBoy$, Grip. Together, they would begin to mold the foundation for the mega label. With all the pieces assembled  Vybed Out Records was formed.  Enter into our zone and Feel Da Vybez!

Vybed Out Radio

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