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When Steve discovers an old book hidden in a basement at the Ostium Network, he begins reading incredible stories of people lost in time . . . . . . Welcome to the Ostium Sagas.


I DISCOVERED THE SECRET TOWN OF OSTIUM . . . Jake Fisher discovers a secret town hidden in the far reaches of Northern California. When he discovers the town, he finds it abandoned . . . a town with no people. But he notices something:… Continue Reading “OSTIUM PODCAST”


  Kind of Lord of the Rings, except with an awesome gay sorceress on the planet of Albion In the Circe Podcast Thyrá needs to regain her magical abilities and does this by telling the story of her life and the history on the… Continue Reading “CIRCÉ PODCAST”


A hopeful, solar punk story. Told by someone out of place and out of time. Manifestations is a podcast of The Ostium Network.  It is a solo-narrator, serial, sci-fi, solar punk audio drama.  Our main character, Alan, finds himself out of place, and out… Continue Reading “MANIFESTATIONS”



Do you like tea? Are you interested in the history of tea? Want to find out about the journey those tea leaves you’re pouring boiling water over took? Then check out this podcast, While There is Tea There is Hope. Transcripts can be found… Continue Reading “WHILE THERE IS TEA THERE IS HOPE”

Ten podcasts you probably haven’t heard of but should be listening to . . .

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we are living in the epoch of the podcast, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 2017 was another massive year for audio dramas which culminated perfectly in the first official podcast convention, Podcon,… Continue Reading “Ten podcasts you probably haven’t heard of but should be listening to . . .”