MANIFESTATIONS now has it’s own official website!

A hopeful, solar punk story.

Told by someone out of place and out of time.


Manifestations is a podcast of The Ostium Network.  It is a solo-narrator, serial, sci-fi, solar punk audio drama.  Our main character, Alan, finds himself out of place, and out of time.  Literally. He is being shifted through time but doesn’t know why or how.

Episodes start in a short format (4-6 minutes) and transition into a longer mid-range format (10-15 minutes) as the story progresses.  The language is kept clean, but we give ourselves a PG rating due to some of the subject matter.

The story is told from Alan’s point of view, mostly through internal dialog as a solo-narrator story with music and minimal sound design.  As a listener, we are a fly-on-the-wall and get to tag along for the ride.

Alan will discover that he is in a future where the world has changed due to extreme natural disasters.  Will the society he finds give him hope for humanity?

Along his journey he will discover a mystery which spans the multiverse.  One that is centered on him. We can’t promise everyone a happy ending, but we want to provide an interesting story to make our listeners think.

The first three episodes are a prologue of sorts:  we get an idea of his daily routine, discussing work with his boss, running into a friend while shopping, and an important phone call with his husband.  

Episode 4 was written earlier and was originally supposed to be just a one-shot fan fiction for The Ostium Podcast.  Those that read it kept asking: “What’s next?”

The result didn’t take me where I expected, but what good story ever does?

Dwayne Farver

– Creator, Writer, Director, Sound Design
– Voice of Alan

Dwayne is from the northeastern part of central Pennsylvania.  When not at his day job, a sales analyst, he can be found with his husband David Wida Jr. and their two opinionated chihuahuas, Hampton and Edie.  Other interests, not surprising, are Sci-Fi/Fantasy books and movies. A music enthusiast with a heavy leaning toward prog rock, alt-rock, and heavy metal classics.  History and science are big factors in Dwayne’s world view. With a little psychology thrown in for flavor.

Penelope Dyer

– Voice of QILA

Manifestations is Penelope’s podcast debut. She hails from the heart of Pennsylvania and is a Mom and salesperson by day, who enjoys voice acting in the night.  Penelope loves music, cooking, studying French, and spending time with her daughter and their menagerie of rescued pets. You can find out more about her or listen to her other demos at

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