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The Complete Ostium Season One (Remastered) – Part One

Welcome to the complete Ostium Season One (Remastered) – Part One. I know. That’s a mouthful. So let’s break it up into its separate parts. The Complete Ostium Season One: That’s right, we’re releasing the entire season one without the chit-chat before and after… Continue Reading “The Complete Ostium Season One (Remastered) – Part One”

The Complete EMU Now Available!

Want to know the complete backstory to Dave and the Enigmatic Mysteries of the Unknown? Now you can, with the two-parter complete EMU.

Episode 18: People in Glass Houses

Jake is really worried that something’s very wrong with him. He and Monica travel through a door and, as per Jake’s prediction, it is the future where there are some very strange things in stall for them. Written and produced by Alex C. Telander… Continue Reading “Episode 18: People in Glass Houses”

Episode 17: Rapa Nui

While Jake starts to doubt his sanity for the first time, he and Monica journey to an interesting place with some very large statues. This episode was written and produced by Alex C. Telander. Jake was performed by Chris Fletcher. Monica was performed by… Continue Reading “Episode 17: Rapa Nui”

Episode 16: Ancient Ones

In this new episode of Ostium, the happy couple talk about their happy night together and then go through a new door and find themselves in what looks to be a rocky desert. This episode was written and produced by Alex C. Telander. The… Continue Reading “Episode 16: Ancient Ones”

Episode 15: Columbia

Jake is starting to sleep a little better now, but he’s worried about Dave. The next door is a long walk from the clock tower and leads them to a place that is both strange and familiar to Jake. This episode was written and… Continue Reading “Episode 15: Columbia”

Episode 14 – Voyager

Jake begins the episode talking about something called the Voyager program, then leads to he and Monica going through door #42 and on the other side finding themselves very far from Ostium both in space and time. This episode was written and produced by Alex C.… Continue Reading “Episode 14 – Voyager”

Ostium Episode 13: Anjikuni

Jake learns he’s started having some pretty serious nightmares and wakes up screaming. He tries to send a message to Dave to give him an update. Jake and Monica venture through a new door where things are pretty darn cold; you might want to… Continue Reading “Ostium Episode 13: Anjikuni”

Episode 12: Cultum Ossium

At the beginning of the episode, Monica unwinds a little after learning about some of Jake’s choices in the previous episode. Jake has also started having nightmares. The dynamic duo venture through the next door and find themselves within a cave . . .… Continue Reading “Episode 12: Cultum Ossium”

Episode 11: A Crack in the Edge of the World, Part Two

Kicking off Ostium Season 2, in “Episode 11: A Crack in the Edge of the Word, Part Two,” Jake and Monica find themselves back in Ostium where things are all kind of different . . . again. But it’s not until they go on… Continue Reading “Episode 11: A Crack in the Edge of the World, Part Two”