Episode 17: Rapa Nui

While Jake starts to doubt his sanity for the first time, he and Monica journey to an interesting place with some very large statues.

This episode was written and produced by Alex C. Telander. Jake was performed by Chris Fletcher. Monica was performed by Georgia Mckenzie. The music was composed by Chris Fletcher. All artwork was done by Sara Warren. Sounds effects are courtesy of the incredible people at Freesound.org.

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Today’s podcast recommendation is The Earth Collective: The Earth Collective is a story of Mankind’s survival on Oasus, a distant planet, far from earth. They live in rolling cities to stay bathed in constant sunlight, running from The Dark, a malicious entity that resides on the dark-side of the planet. The world-building in this podcast is simply magnificent. I felt like I was both watching a great science fiction movie series, and reading an epic science fiction book series. The world is so immense and complex and I’m always waiting for the next episode to learn more about this unique world.

Thanks for listening and all your support, and join us in two weeks for Episode 18: People in Glass Houses.

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