Ostium Season Six Indiegogo Campaign

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about our Ostium Season Six Indiegogo Campaign. Thanks to the Ostium Patreon, we’re able to pay Team Ostium for their work, whether it’s voice acting, sound design, editing, or artwork. With our Indiegogo Campaign our goal is to pay our whole team fairly, and you can help make that happen in two ways.

One, by supporting the campaign. There are a variety of rewards from sticker packs to postcards, to notebooks, to signed copies of the Ostium book, and access to a brand new miniseries just for the campaign.


Two, by sharing the Indiegogo link with friends, family, and through your social media and telling everyone about this campaign and why you want it to succeed.

Okay, one more time here’s the link to the campaign, thank you for your support and help.


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