Season 6 is Written!

Just wanted to share that last night I put the final words on the final episode of Ostium Season 6. Like seasons previous to season 5 it will be ten episodes long and this time I ended up writing a total of 71,509 words, which is the most I’ve ever written for a season. What this means is that some episodes in season are going to be nice long ones.

So, first drafts are done and then this week I started editing those and once they’re ready we’ll move on to recording!

2 Comments on “Season 6 is Written!

  1. Dear Alex, I think you kinda, maybe confirmed a guess I had emailed you about a year or so ago about what Jake would discover about happened to those who originally worked on the Ostium Network. Inventor Jake sent his crew to other worlds to keep them separated from creating another network with no way of returning. Ostium Saga 012 told the story of one such person who was unable to return and lived out his life from the year 1066 onward to his death. You see? You see? I was kinda, maybe right. So today my creative writing mind will suggest that Steve, the Saga reader, is the zillion to one shot of bringing this info to Jake and Monica that will ignite their drive to find out the origins of creator Jake by going back to the town of Ostium to resume entering the other doors. I came up with this idea without use of that brain thinking enhancing pill which name I do not recall just now. Thank you for this great story, and I hope you reach it’s conclusion like Robert A. Heinlein reached a happy ending with his stories involving Lazarus Long and all of Heinlein’s characters. Sincerely, Nick Ciraulo

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