Intro Music – Breathe, by Chill Carrier https://chillcarrier.bandcamp.com/ 

Voiceover: Manifestations is a podcast of the Ostium Network 

Voiceover: Time is not linear, but our story is. 

Please join us … on our journey. We, are Manifestations. 

Music becomes dramatic then fades out 

Location: Grocery Store Background: muzak, conversations, beeping at checkout 

Scott – Hey! (Distant, but getting closer) Scott – Picking something up for diner? 

Alan – Oh, Hey Scott. This — is for the dogs, but yeah. Ethan wants me to pick up some things to make chicken parm for the next family visit. 

Scott – Sounds good. Scott – Have you thought about going to Baltimore Comic Con this year? 

Alan – Yes, I definitely want to go. 

Scott – Will Ethan go? 

Alan – I always ask, but you know that answer. No interest at all. He’d go if made a special request, but he’d have a terrible time. So, I wouldn’t do that. 

Scott – Understandable. Karen would have fun in the city, but not the convention. Scott – Hey, I saw Charles Dowd will be there. I’m really liking his posts on Instagram for Big Fat Charlie. 

Alan – He created a Twitter account for the cat too that’s pretty funny … and snarky. 

Scott – I’ll have to look it up. 

Alan – JM DeSantis will be in Baltimore too. It might be the last chance I get to see him in a while and I want to get him to sign his new book. It’s always great to see the other regulars too. 

Scott – Well, let’s get together this weekend and make plans for the convention. 

Alan – Sure. I’ll look at my reward points. Maybe we’ll get a discount on the room. Send me a text when you’re free. 

Scott – Sure thing. Later. 

Alan – Catch ya later. 

Walking, continued checkout sounds, then a strange high pitched sound as we hear shopping carts bang together. 

Alan – I am so sorry. Let me help you with that. 

Outro music – Sunshine, by Cobycracker https://cobycracker.bandcamp.com/ 

Voiceover: Manifestations Season 1, The Reset, was written, acted, and produced by Dwayne Farver. With input and help from Alex C. Telander. 

We want to thank Matt Kline for providing the voice of Scott. Matt is also one of my beta readers, and a good friend. Thank you for your continued input on the story. 

Our intro music is Breathe, by Chill Carrier 

https://chillcarrier.bandcamp.com/ https://www.chillcarrier.de/ The music heard here is Sunshine, by Cobycracker https://cobycracker.bandcamp.com/ You can find them at bandcamp.com 

Sound effects are from freesound.org 

Grocery Background CC0 1.0 https://freesound.org/people/sagetyrtle/sounds/99646/ Shopping Carts CC0 1.0 https://freesound.org/people/cgrote/sounds/133841/ 

Links to all of the music and transcripts can be found in the show notes 

You can find us on most social media at PodManifest 

https://twitter.com/PodManifest https://www.instagram.com/podmanifest/ https://www.facebook.com/podmanifest/ https://podmanifest.tumblr.com/ 

Or, look for us at podmanifest.com 

A good friend is someone that is always there for you. But, what if you’re in a place they cannot follow. 

As long as we have access to the temporal feed, we will transmit more of our story each Wednesday and Saturday. We hope you join us. 

Music fades

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