Intro Music – Breathe, by Chill Carrier https://chillcarrier.bandcamp.com/ 

Voiceover: Manifestations is a podcast of the Ostium Network 

Voiceover: Time is not linear, but our story is. 

Please join us … on our journey. We, are Manifestations. 

Music becomes dramatic then fades out 

Location: Interior, office, cubicle farm Background: low chatter and office noise fade in 

The Boss – Hey Alan, I’m heading out a little early. Traffic through the valley is going to be slow. Route 11 is still down to one lane in Shickshinny because of the fire at J-Angelo’s yesterday. 

Alan – Gotcha, drive safe. 

The Boss – Don’t stay too late. 

Alan – I won’t. Just finishing up this trend report. The geometric design gift bags sales are just like we forecasted. 

The Boss – That’s great news. And. Don’t. Stay. Too. Late. 

Alan – I won’t, really. 10 more minutes. 

Boss walks away. A door opens and closes. Sounds of papers ruffled and then a strange high pitched sound as a plastic water bottle is knocked over on the desk. 

Alan – Awww, really? 

Frustrated breathing. Cleaning. Mobile phone ringsAnswers phone, we only hear one side of the conversation. 

Alan (with pauses noted in parenthesis) 

– Hey Ethan. (3) – Nah, I just spilled my water bottle. (3) – It’s okay. It was almost empty. So, how’re you? (3) – That’s good. (2) – I’m stopping for dog food, if you need anything from the store? (5) – Yeah, not a problem. (1) 

– Oh hey, my boss mentioned route 11 is still one lan— (1) – Okay, just making sure you knew. (5) – Yeah, I’m okay. (5) – A few times, nothing too bad (3) – Yes, I follow up with the doctor tomorrow. (5) – I don’t know. (5) – Okay, we can talk tonight. See you at home. (2) – Love you too. 

Hangs-up phone. Grabbing bag and zips it closed. Walking. Door. 

Outro music – Sunshine, by Cobycracker https://cobycracker.bandcamp.com/ 

Voiceover: Manifestations Season 1, The Reset, was written, acted, and produced by Dwayne Farver. With input and help from Alex C. Telander. 

We want to thank Amy Kline for providing the voice of, The Boss. 

Our intro music is Breathe, by Chill Carrier 

https://chillcarrier.bandcamp.com/ https://www.chillcarrier.de/ The music heard here is Sunshine, by Cobycracker https://cobycracker.bandcamp.com/ You can find them at bandcamp.com 

Sound effects are from freesound.org 

Officesound CC BY 3.0 https://freesound.org/people/Zabuhailo/sounds/167235/ Door-open-close CC0 1.0 https://freesound.org/people/amholma/sounds/344360/ Cell-ringtone CC0 1.0 https://freesound.org/people/fennelliott/sounds/379416/ 

Links to the music and transcripts can be found in the show notes 

You can find us on most social media at PodManifest 

https://twitter.com/PodManifest https://www.instagram.com/podmanifest/ https://www.facebook.com/podmanifest/ https://podmanifest.tumblr.com/ 

Or, look for us at podmanifest.com 

Thanks for listening to the start of our story. Is this just another normal day? Or is this the beginning of a path. One that looks mundane at the start, but becomes more surreal the farther we go? 

As long as we have access to the temporal feed, we will transmit more of our story each Wednesday and Saturday. We hope you join us. 

Music fades 

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