Ostium Season 6 Update

Hi all, just wanted to give you an update with Ostium season 6 progress as you may be wondering how it’s going.

The good news is the writing is going great! The plan is to have it be another 10-episode season, like season 1-4, and the episodes are looking like they’re going to be nice long ones, which I’m sure you wonderful listeners will be happy with. As for the writing progress, last night I finished the seventh episode of the season, so it’s looking good. I have this crazy dream that I can get all ten episodes completed with first drafts fully written by mid-June, but we’ll see how it goes. If not, I’m shooting for the end of June.

After that it will be a case of going through and re-writing and editing, and for the first time I’m going to be having my good friend (and big fan of the show) Dwayne Farver reading and providing feedback and comments for all the episodes, until we get the final drafts of the ten episodes all done. Then we’ll move on to getting the lines to our wonderful voice actors and starting to record. Then it’s on to editing and mixing with our wonderful sound engineers at Hail and Well Met Podcasts, plus recording the music, for which I have a surprise composer in mind that I’ll be announcing once everything is confirmed. And then it’s a case of putting it all together and getting it ready for release.

So I’ll be honest, I’d love to start releasing episodes in late fall, early winter, but it might not start until January 2022. With the pandemic and lots of other things going on with the Ostium Network, and in my own life, there have definitely been some delays. Nevertheless, I’m really happy with how the season is coming out, and super excited to eventually release it to all your wonderful listeners!

Alex C. Telander.

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