Welcome to the New WEbsite

Hi everyone, as you can tell, we’ve spent the last few days on revamping and updating the website to give it a sleeker look and hopefully make it easier for viewers to find the content they’re looking for. We hope you like it.

We’ll continue working on the site as more content and details become available and necessary for the site.

You can now find all the Ostium-related shows and the other shows Alex works on all in one convenient place.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ostiumpodcast@gmail.com and we’ll see if we can get that missing content up for you.

We also have some big news in the works that we’ll be putting up here as soon as it’s announced.

2 Comments on “Welcome to the New WEbsite

  1. This fresh new look is so on brand bringing the website right up-to-date, showcasing what Ostium is about with an easy to use menu to find all the content its creator has to offer, along with the opportunity to peruse the other shows available to listen to, as well as how easy it is to support them through Patreon, donations,
    Ko-fi or purchasing merchandise, which means so much to ensuring they can create more content. Impressed they have not just sat back on their laurels with the original web page design but instead chose to freshen and update the site, which hopefully with peak the interest of others to take a look at what is available..


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