Penelope Dyer as QILA

Dwayne Farver as Alan

Georgia Mckenzie as Monica

[The scene starts in the black void.  There is a low wind, barely audible.  We hear “the sound” – a ringing (like tinnitus) starting low and quickly getting louder, it ends in an echoing or pulsing crescendo that quickly fades to nothing.]


Alan[out of breath, heavy breathing]

(annoyed – but definitely joking)

QILA – And that’s why we can’t have nice things

(faux anger then concern then humor)

Alan – Sure!  Go to the deep past, she says.  What could go wrong, she says!  I never gained full control of the body.  Their leader was fighting me!  They thought I was a messenger from whatever God they were worshiping!   Oh no — I didn’t start a religion, did I?  Because I can go back? (laughing)

(Joking, then standard QILA)

QILA – I think they’re confused enough by one visit as their shaman.  A quick scan of their timeline shows no appreciable changes.  But it’s good to know that a forceful personality is more difficult to slip into.

[A new sound begins. low, growing, as similar to the sound of the TARDIS as possible, without violating copyright]


Alan – What the!  QILA, what is making this sound?

(standard QILA)

QILA – Unknown.  I believe we’re getting a visitor.

[sound ends]

(frustrated/confused – shocked)

Monica – Where am I now?  And where’s the ground?


Alan – Ahem.

(shocked – confused)

Monica – Whoa!  Where did you come from?


Alan – I didn’t want to alarm you.  You’re safe here.  But, uh, who are you?  How did you get here?

(confused – annoyed)

Monica – Safe is a relative term, but I’m Monica and I have no idea how I got here.


Monica – So, who are you?  How did you get here?  Where is here?

(friendly – then awkward)

Alan – I’m sorry, I’m Alan.  And this place was created as I died.  Oh, but, that’s not how it usually happens.


Monica – What are you saying?


Alan – I’m not explaining this well.  QILA, can you help?


Monica – Quill-a?

(standard QILA)

QILA – Hello Monica, it’s nice to meet you.  I’m QILA.  Quantum Interpretive and Learning Algorithms.  The location where you now find yourself is a null pocket; removed from normal space-time.  It is better described as a place of thought, rather than normal definitions of dimension.  Alan gained the ability to move his mind though time.  Since his corporeal existence ended, this is where his mind returns by default.  I – am an Artificial Intelligence he met on one of his journeys.


Monica – Uh huh.  Time travel.  So, Alan.  You’re here.  At least your mind is.  How is an artificial intelligence here, if this place is defined by thought?


QILA – My existence is no longer defined by hardware.  I am – self-aware.  I continue to grow and learn.  Your mind is here, but your body is elsewhere.


Monica – Fair enough.


QILA – Monica?  I didn’t think anyone but Alan could enter here.  Can you provide any information about how you arrived here?


Alan – Yeah, that might be my fault.  As I was returning, I felt something strange.  It was like walking through water.  Sluggish.  I thought it was because I was so far in the past, so I just used more effort to get back. But, I think I picked up a passenger on my way.


Alan – Monica, that must mean – you’re a time traveler!  I don’t think I would have been able to pull you here otherwise.


Monica – I was part of a team that used technology to open doors to other places and times.  But Jake, he was able to create doors without the technology.  And now I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again.


Alan – Why do you say that?


Monica – He was being a hero, like always.  To protect me, he sacrificed himself.  And we’re both lost.  I’ve been trying to find him.  I’m not sure if we’ll ever get back to The Ostium Network.


Alan – Wait, The Ostium Network?  Is that related to the town of Ostium?


Monica – Yes.  It was constructed to house the doors.


Alan – QILA, this is the town you found.  The town with the “population zero” sign.


Monica – You’ve seen Ostium?


QILA – I will open the window to show you.

[subtle chime]


QILA – This is focused on the door that we saw open.


Monica – Door 2.  It seems like so long ago.  That’s definitely Ostium.


Alan – But where did I snag you?  We need to get you back there.  To your body.  QILA, is there anything we can do?  If I know where to go, maybe Monica will be pulled along with me.


QILA – Way ahead of you.  You’re going back to New San Francisco.  To the field, just after you left the body of Thomas Redwind.


Monica – After you did what now?


Alan – For lack of a better word, I “borrow” a body when I travel through time. 


Monica – Okay.  Morally ambiguous, but if you can get me back, let’s go.


Alan – QILA, I’ll be right back.

[sound – begins again. grows fast]

[a small crowd is in the distance.  we’re far enough away that nothing specific can be heard]

[a larger version of a drone flies overhead]


Alan – Okay, where is Monica? [walking]  Down this path.  There, that building.  [opens door] 


Alan – Monica?  It’s me, Alan.  Are you okay?

(confused from the journey)

Monica – Let’s just say, I’ll stick to the technology I know.  


Alan – Speaking of that …

(looking around the room – seeing the Ostium door down the hall)

Monica – Right, hmmm.  There, down the hall.



Alan – There’s actually a sign above the door that says “Ostium?”  

[Tries to open door (it’s locked) ]  

(confused / scared)

Monica – They’re never locked!


Alan – Ummm,  [(looks around, pats pockets) – finds security badge] Here, lets try this access badge. (under breath) Thanks QILA. security officer was a good call.

[door beeps, unlocks and open]  


Alan – Monica, here.  Take the security badge.  And, good luck finding Jake.


Monica – Thanks Alan.  I hope you know what you’re doing here.  Your heart seems like it’s in the right place.  And, maybe we’ll cross paths again.  But I won’t recognize you, will I?


Alan – Probably not, but you never know.  I’m working on that too.
[Ostium door closes]

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