Hi everyone, Steve here. Just wanted to give a little foreword to these recordings you’re about to listen to because . . . Well, they’re unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. They’re just . . . Incredible. Thyra’s story is definitely a moving one, but enough about that. It occurred to me that these recordings might be received by someone who hasn’t had a chance to listen to all the Ostium recordings yet, or perhaps doesn’t have access to them for some reason. I don’t know how it all works, it’s like a foreign language to me. All I know is the recordings are being sent out from here, the Ostium Network, to there . . . Wherever there is, and wherever you are listening to this right now.

So I wanted to give you a bit of an introduction to get you up to speed, so to speak. All you really need to know is at the end of the last Ostium recording, Jake and Monica are lost behind the many doors of Ostium. Whether they’ll ever make it back I simply don’t know, and I’m trying my best not to think of that right now, because . . . Well, it’s bloody depressing. And I suppose a question one could ask oneself is if we’ll ever get any future recordings from either Jake or Monica which will clue us in to what’s going on with them.

But that’s another thought for another time. The first recording which you’ll be hearing about Thyra and the Circe is . . . The prologue . . . Yeah, the prologue. And that takes place right after Jake and Monica up and disappeared and Thyra found herself in the Ostium Network for the first time. And for clarification the Ostium Network is basically . . . The entire town of Gibraltar that’s been ripped out of its usual place and stuck in another plane of existence. Yeah, I’m not going to go into too much detail, if you want to learn more just start listening to the Ostium recordings.

Suffice to say Thyra’s here now and she doesn’t have any . . . Well, you know what, why don’t I just shut my gob and let her tell her story.

Hope this helped a bit and enjoy the story of the Circe . . .


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