“Dark Side of the Moon” by Alan Jacobson

To say the fourth OPSIG Team Black book, Dark Side of the Moon, is out of this world, would be a bad pun, but also very true. Make of it what you will.

Apollo 17 returned to Earth in 1972 with lots of moon rock, but also something else: a new element that could change nuclear weapons forever; it was kept secret for decades. But now the secret has been leaked from NASA and some disliked potential superpowers are looking to get back to the moon and verify this mysterious element and harvest it for personal gain. The United States has no choice but to go back to the moon to prevent this from happening. But it’s been a long time since anyone’s been back to the moon, and NASA no longer has its shuttle program to depend upon. It’s going to require a level of skill and ingenuity to pull this off the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the space race of the 1960’s.

OPSIG members Hector DeSantos and Aaron Uziel will be joining the NASA team of four to travel to the moon and face the Chinese, or whoever they might find up there. Meanwhile, FBI Profiler Karen Vail is brought in to trace the leak and track down who and what country is ultimately behind the spy ring, along with help from OPSIG Team Black colleague Alexandra Rusakov.

Alan Jacobson takes his OPSIG team to a whole new level in Dark Side of the Moon, literally! It required him venturing into a field he hasn’t really explored before, in space travel, the surface of the moon, and all things NASA, ultimately requiring an immense amount of research. But if you know Jacobson at all, you know he does the hard work, and the result is a stunningly well-research book that is also immensely gripping. The ultimate page turner!

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