Ostium File #144

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In celebration of the Ostium Twitter account hitting 1000 followers, here’s a very special release of Ostium File #144 for everyone to enjoy.

If you enjoy this episode, you can get lots more Ostium Files by supporting Ostium on Patreon, as well as lots of other content. You will also get your own unique door number, and eventually, your very own Ostium File.

When you made the decision to become a patron of the Ostium Podcast, you were assigned a number, a door unique to you. There was a reason for that. It is possible that Ostium has not always been abandoned, not always population zero. Perhaps at one time there were people – from the future? The past? – who traveled through the doors of Ostium to different places in time and space to learn and educate and record their experiences. Perhaps these recordings are still in existence . . .

Welcome to . . . The Ostium Files.

To the patron who entered through Door #144, this is your story.

Written and produced by Alex C. Telander

Performed by Justy Gee. If you enjoy this performance, be sure to check out her awesome podcast, Starless.

Music composed by Chris Fletcher

Check out this episode!

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