Ostium Patreon Update

Patreon recently announced it’s changing its business model by having its creators pay the finance charges each time they get a donation, and having each and every one of its patrons pay for each and every one of their donation’s finance charges. The changes are expected to take effect December 18th.

There are a lot of us content creators and supporters who are very unhappy about this. If Patreon carries out these changes on the 18th, I will be closing the Ostium Patreon account permanently, and I thank all those have have supported Ostium.

I am currently researching alternate means to support this podcast that you and I love, and am leaning towards using our “Donate” option on our support page on the Ostium website. For your monthly support you will continue to receive or get access to bonus material such as exclusive mini episodes and much more. I am exploring how best to make this bonus content available to you, whether it be via emailing or granting access to a specific page. If I do go with this option, the support will be revamped with a breakdown of various support levels and supporters will have a much cooler name than “Patreon Patrons.”

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, feedback, or just wish to vent about this, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at ostiumpodcast@gmail.com.


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