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RECORDER’S NOTE: I know I keep saying wow a lot, but seriously, wow. All these incredible texts keep being discovered in old ruined churches from all different time periods. The mind boggles. I know, especially during medieval times, churches were the last suppositories of… Continue Reading “012 – Saga I – 1066 – PART EIGHT FINAL PART TRANSCRIPT”

011 – Saga I – 1066 – PART SEVEN TRANSCRIPT

As I said, it was a slim volume and would be incomprehensible to most, unless they knew the code to read it. This was part of the training we had all experienced at the Ostium Network.  RECORDER’S NOTE: Erm, yeah. I didn’t get that… Continue Reading “011 – Saga I – 1066 – PART SEVEN TRANSCRIPT”

010 – Saga I – 1066 – PART SIX TRANSCRIPT

Every six or nine months there’s a big market that comes to town. They have a very large variety of wares consisting of just about anything you can think of. You can pay in coin, but few of us use coins, so instead we… Continue Reading “010 – Saga I – 1066 – PART SIX TRANSCRIPT”

009 – Saga I – 1066 – PART FIVE TRANSCRIPT

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The inscribed parchment that the writer of this saga talks about was brought into the possession of the Conclave in 1253 after it was discovered over a hundred years prior through one of our people. It was said to have been found… Continue Reading “009 – Saga I – 1066 – PART FIVE TRANSCRIPT”

008 – Saga I – 1066 – PART FOUR TRANSCRIPT

RECORDER’S NOTE: First off, I’m surprised the author doesn’t have a note here. That was a bloody big dramatic moment and then the author keeps going on like it’s all perfectly normal and there’s going to be a completely down to earth and reasonable… Continue Reading “008 – Saga I – 1066 – PART FOUR TRANSCRIPT”

007 – Saga I – 1066 – PART THREE TRANSCRIPT

The month went by both quickly and wonderfully slow. I got to meet and acquaintance myself with a lot of people. Some led to more intimate situations; both men and women, if you must know, sometimes at the same time. And yes, I will… Continue Reading “007 – Saga I – 1066 – PART THREE TRANSCRIPT”

006 – Saga I – 1066 – PART TWO TRANSCRIPT

At least I’m not totally lost and helpless. I did go through months of rigorous training for all this. I can speak the languages – medieval French and Saxon, even some Celt. I know the cultures and customs enough to not say or do… Continue Reading “006 – Saga I – 1066 – PART TWO TRANSCRIPT”


I know not who shall be reading these words I am inscribing; or if anyone will ever read them. If they will survive the tests of time in any way; I know not. But I do know I have survived. Survived through tests that… Continue Reading “005 – SAGA I – 1066 – PART ONE TRANSCRIPT”


Okay. Wow. Sorry, I know you want to get started with the first of these actual Ostium Sagas and you probably think I’m sticking my big nose in, but I have some things I need to get off my chest first, as well as… Continue Reading “004 – RECORDER’S NOTE TRANSCRIPT”


Our lord works in mysterious ways, it is said by many and while I may not have considered myself a devout worshiper of a particular faith, I know in my heart and soul there is a god above in the heavens watching down on… Continue Reading “003 – INTRODUCTION TRANSCRIPT”