Ostium Season Six Indiegogo Campaign

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about our Ostium Season Six Indiegogo Campaign. Thanks to the Ostium Patreon, we’re able to pay Team Ostium for their work, whether it’s voice acting, sound design, editing, or artwork. With our Indiegogo Campaign our goal is to pay our whole team fairly, and you can help make that happen in two ways.

One, by supporting the campaign. There are a variety of rewards from sticker packs to postcards, to notebooks, to signed copies of the Ostium book, and access to a brand new miniseries just for the campaign.


Two, by sharing the Indiegogo link with friends, family, and through your social media and telling everyone about this campaign and why you want it to succeed.

Okay, one more time here’s the link to the campaign, thank you for your support and help.


Season 6 is Written!

Just wanted to share that last night I put the final words on the final episode of Ostium Season 6. Like seasons previous to season 5 it will be ten episodes long and this time I ended up writing a total of 71,509 words, which is the most I’ve ever written for a season. What this means is that some episodes in season are going to be nice long ones.

So, first drafts are done and then this week I started editing those and once they’re ready we’ll move on to recording!


I was really happy to be able to acquire the domain http://ostiumnetwork.com today, so the website and everything related to Ostium and my other shows can be found there, and http://ostiumpodcast.com will continue to exist and direct you there too.


Ostium Season 6 Update

Hi all, just wanted to give you an update with Ostium season 6 progress as you may be wondering how it’s going.

The good news is the writing is going great! The plan is to have it be another 10-episode season, like season 1-4, and the episodes are looking like they’re going to be nice long ones, which I’m sure you wonderful listeners will be happy with. As for the writing progress, last night I finished the seventh episode of the season, so it’s looking good. I have this crazy dream that I can get all ten episodes completed with first drafts fully written by mid-June, but we’ll see how it goes. If not, I’m shooting for the end of June.

After that it will be a case of going through and re-writing and editing, and for the first time I’m going to be having my good friend (and big fan of the show) Dwayne Farver reading and providing feedback and comments for all the episodes, until we get the final drafts of the ten episodes all done. Then we’ll move on to getting the lines to our wonderful voice actors and starting to record. Then it’s on to editing and mixing with our wonderful sound engineers at Hail and Well Met Podcasts, plus recording the music, for which I have a surprise composer in mind that I’ll be announcing once everything is confirmed. And then it’s a case of putting it all together and getting it ready for release.

So I’ll be honest, I’d love to start releasing episodes in late fall, early winter, but it might not start until January 2022. With the pandemic and lots of other things going on with the Ostium Network, and in my own life, there have definitely been some delays. Nevertheless, I’m really happy with how the season is coming out, and super excited to eventually release it to all your wonderful listeners!

Alex C. Telander.

And We’re Back on TWitter

And we’re back on our Twitter account: @ostiumpodcast! Did you miss us? What happened? We went through a door we didn’t mean to and it took us a while to find our way back to the Ostium Network.

Ostium Twitter Account

For those who might be wondering what’s going on with the Ostium Network Twitter account @ostiumpodcast, well I thought it would be fun to change the start date to “January 1st, 2017” when Ostium first started, and this violated the terms of service since it would make the “owner” under 13 years of age and promptly locked the account.

But have no fear! I’m working on getting it back as soon as possible, and thank you for your patience with my stupidity.


Welcome to the New WEbsite

Hi everyone, as you can tell, we’ve spent the last few days on revamping and updating the website to give it a sleeker look and hopefully make it easier for viewers to find the content they’re looking for. We hope you like it.

We’ll continue working on the site as more content and details become available and necessary for the site.

You can now find all the Ostium-related shows and the other shows Alex works on all in one convenient place.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ostiumpodcast@gmail.com and we’ll see if we can get that missing content up for you.

We also have some big news in the works that we’ll be putting up here as soon as it’s announced.


The Ostium Network . . .


MONICA: I can’t believe it’s really you . . . 

JAKE: I can’t believe you’re actually here, in Point Mystic. 

MONICA: How did you even get here? 

JAKE [smirking]: Same way you did: through a door. 

MONICA: I feel like I’ve been doing that for fucking ever. Met lots of interesting people, visited some really crazy fucking places. But never found you. Though I got close once . . . 

JAKE: You did? How do you know? 

MONICA: The porcelain lily. 

[Gasp of shock from Jake.] 

MONICA: Well, half of the porcelain lily that you told them to put in that lockbox. 

JAKE [Absolute shock]: Oh my god, you found it. It really got to you. That’s incredible. I never really expected it to work. It was totally a Back to the Future move. 

MONICA [Not believing him]: Never expected it to work? Really? JAKE: Okay, I was really hoping, but was never certain. But it did work. Here’s my piece. 

MONICA: Yep. And they fit. 

[Porcelain scratching sound]

JAKE: Just like us. 

MONICA: That’s fucking terrible. But I’m going to allow it, because you’re as wiped as I am, I’m sure. 

JAKE: Not all it’s chalked up to be? 

MONICA: And now I want to punch you. That didn’t take long at all. It might even be a record for you, Jakey. 

JAKE: I try. 

MONICA: So how did you know I was here? 

JAKE: Once I arrived, I got introduced to Christopher. He wanted to interview about how I ended up in Point Mystic. I said sure and told himmy story. And then he asked me if I was looking for someone. That’s when I started getting excited. Then he told me you were here. 

MONICA: Did he say where to find me? 

JAKE: No. He basically just said go walking around the town. You’ll findher. 

MONICA: [Snort] Typical of him. He told me the same thing, essentially. So I just started walking around. Eventually I saw there was a lighthouse andgot drawn to it. Wanted to check it out. 

JAKE: That was the first thing I noticed. I figured I’d give it a shot and then started searching the rest of the town. But I wasn’t worried. I’m not under a time limit here. 

MONICA: Yeah, me neither. I don’t know what it is. Is it something about

MONICA: Yeah, me neither. I don’t know what it is. Is it something about Ostium this place? Point Mystic. It’s pretty unique. 

JAKE: Yeah. Has a kind of magical feel to it, like it’s not quite real. A place you’ve got to find for yourself. And it’s not on any map. Nobody outside of town really knows about it. 

MONICA: Kinda sounds like a certain other place we found. 

JAKE: Yeah. No kidding. But Ostium feels a long way off from here. MONICA: It sure does. 

JAKE: Maybe it’s because we finally found each other. That’s why we don’t have to leave anymore, or at least right away. 

MONICA: Could be. 

[Short pause] 

JAKE: Why did you come after me? 

MONICA: Are you kidding? I had to Jake. I wasn’t going to let you fucking leave me behind again. Plus I knew the state you were in. I needed to do whatever I could to try and get to you and help you. I wouldn’t let anything hold me back. Nothing could stop me. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer from anyone. I just wasn’t going to let it happen. 

JAKE: Well, I could say something about how much it means to me to hear that, but words wouldn’t do it justice. But I appreciate it. More than youwill ever know. 

MONICA: You sure about that? 

JAKE: Yes. Undoubtedly. Wholeheartedly.

MONICA: Okay. Good. So what’s next for us? 

JAKE: I figured we’d go through a few more doors, check out a couple more worlds, and see what’s happening. 

MONICA: Sounds good to me. 


JAKE: Seriously? 

MONICA: Fuck no, Jake. I’m done doing that. I want to get back to Ostium. Some-fucking-how. And then take a really long nap. 

JAKE: That sounds . . . really great to me. Let’s make it happen. MONICA: Do you know how? 

JAKE: No, not really. But I have an idea . . . well, more of an inkling. Do you have all the talismans from the different worlds you visited? MONICA: You betcha. 

JAKE: Good. I think they’re going to be important. So, step one is . . . MONICA: Go through a door? 

JAKE: You guessed it. How about that one? 

MONICA: The lighthouse? 

JAKE: Yeah. It’s the closest one to us. No reason not to use it. MONICA: Sounds good to me. 

JAKE: Good. And I’m going to need to hold your hand. I feel like that’s part of it. 

MONICA [Serious]: Okay Jake.

[Old squeaking door opening, then closing.] 


JAKE: Where are we? 

MONICA: Somewhere dark and stuffy. 

JAKE: Let me see if I can find a light switch. 

[Click sound] 

MONICA: Oh my god. We’re fucking back baby! 

JAKE: Holy shit. It’s the clock tower. We’re inside. 

[Door opening] 

JAKE: Okay, I can’t really see much outside, but I can see shadows of buildings, and the hintings of streets. Yep. We’re definitely back in Ostium. Fucking-A. 

MONICA: You ready for some grub? 

JAKE: Shit, yes. I’m starving. Let’s get cooking. 

[Short pause] 

[Eating sounds: utensils on plates] 

MONICA: So, I know it’s a big fucking step that we’re back here, but we still need to get back to the Ostium Network. Somehow. 

JAKE: I know. 

MONICA: We need to get back to Steve. He’s probably worried shitless about us. And . . . I really miss him too. 

JAKE: Yeah, I do as well. I’ve got the stirrings of an idea, but not till the

JAKE: Yeah, I do as well. I’ve got the stirrings of an idea, but not till the morning. Once we’re done eating, it’s time to get a good night’s sleep. MONICA: Shit. Yes! That sounds wonderful. And in the morning a hot shower! 

JAKE: Perfect. After sleep, a shower, and some breakfast we’ll be able to think a lot clearer and I should have the plan all worked out by then. MONICA: And I’m not gonna set an alarm. 

JAKE: Hell no! 



We get a really good night’s sleep. We shower . . . together, but that’s all the detail I’m giving about it. We have a hearty breakfast and clean up, and then we’re ready. I lead Monica to the map table. 

JAKE: I need you to put all your trinkets on the map table, in no particular order. But hold on to the porcelain lily. 

MONICA: Okay. 


Monica does so. Then I do the same, keeping my porcelain lily. Nothing happens. 

MONICA: Is this right? 

JAKE: I think so. Just going through the steps of my plan here. Not sure if anything’s going to actually happen, we’ll see. 



I then place my porcelain lily in the center of the map table. 

JAKE: Now you place yours, joining up with mine, so they’re one. JAKE: 

Monica slowly does so. 

Then we stand. 

And watch. 

And wait. 

[Short pause] 

[Porcelain clicking sound] 

The sound of the pieces joining makes us both jump. We move closer and soon have our arms wrapped around each other. Comforting. Then a rumbling begins. I feel Monica tighten with fear. I do too, a little, but I recognize the rumbling as different from the earthquake we experienced so long ago in Ostium. 

The rumbling increases, then there’s a bright flash of light that blinds us both. 

[Electric fizzle sound] 

I open my eyes once again and can see nothing at first. Dread races up my body like rising icy water as I wonder if I’ve gone blind from the flash, but then details come back into my vision and I know I’m going to be okay. Thirty seconds later we’re looking at each other. We’re both okay. Our

Thirty seconds later we’re looking at each other. We’re both okay. Our sight back to normal. Mostly. 

We look down at the map table. 

All the trinkets are gone. 

MONICA: Was that it? 

JAKE: I don’t know. 

MONICA: Do you think it was enough? Can we leave Ostium now and get back to Gibraltar? 

JAKE: No clue. Maybe. 

MONICA: There’s only one way to find out. 


She leads me out the clock tower and down the street. We’re walking really fast, then she starts running and I do too. We’re running hard until we make it to the gates. Those very same iron gates I looked upon the first time I arrived at Ostium. 

There’s no padlock in sight. 

Together we push the gates open and they swing easily and without sound.

On the other side is not endless blackness, a chasm of emptiness and despair. 

Instead there’s a rectangular black doorway. Then there’s that fizzle sound again. 

[Electric fizzle]

And I can start to see something. Details on the other side of that doorway. It looks like it might be the inside of that lab or whatever it was where they kept the door to Ostium. The one that was in the Ostium Network. The one that Steve first went through. And then Monica. 

But I’m not certain. 

I look to Monica. She looks at me. 

She’s not certain either. Then she gives me a shrug. I nod and take her hand. 


We step through the doorway.


Point Mystic Interviews #68, #71

[Sound of tape recorder starting. Ambient sound of a coffee shop in the background]

CHRISTOPHER: Testing 1-2-3. This is – hold on – interview #68 in my investigation into how and why people are finding their way to the place known as Point Mystic. 

MONICA: Is this going to be on your radio show? Point Mystic?

CHRISTOPHER: You’ve heard of the show?

MONICA: No. (pause) I mean I’ve heard of the place.  

CHRISTOPHER: I’m not necessarily going to use this interview for the show – I’ve been investigating this question for a long time. What Point Mystic is. Why it calls people. You could say searching for Point Mystic started all of this – inspired the show.

[Break (Music begins) ]

Sixty Eight interviews of how people found their way to Point Mystic. So far the common thread is this: Most people who find this place feel they have been called here. For what reason, we do not know. It is a mystery that binds us together. 

To many who come to Point Mystic, it is more than a town. It’s a refuge. A place of escape. Wherever they’re coming from – other towns, other countries . . . other worlds – they’re often trying to get somewhere safe. Whatever has happened to them, it’s enough to push them away from somewhere they used to call home, but is no longer. Sometimes they have heard of the legend of Point Mystic and are seeking this place, and sometimes they are simply running away from someplace else and find themselves here. It doesn’t matter. This place doesn’t judge. It opens its doors and lets them in.

These interviews that my partner Marguerite and I have recorded investigating how people find their way to Point Mystic span back years, a map of our own journey to find the way back to Point Mystic. But we aren’t the only ones to have felt the call and found the doorway open. Whatever force is calling people to Point Mystic. It’s accelerating.  


CHRISTOPHER: Can I have you state your name?

MONICA: Monica Chase.

CHRISTOPHER: How did you find Point Mystic, Monica?

MONICA: I wasn’t looking for Point Mystic. If anything, it found me. I’ve been traveling for a long time now. Going through lots of doors to different worlds. But never staying for long.

CHRISTOPHER: Is Point Mystic different from other places you’ve visited?

MONICA: I’m not sure yet, I’ve only just arrived. But I think so. There’s something about this place I haven’t felt with the other places I’ve seen. I don’t want to be disparaging to those worlds, some of them were pretty fucking bleak. 

CHRISTOPHER: People who find their way here have usually been through a lot. Speak however you like. I just want the truth.

MONICA: Good. I can do the truth. I have been through a lot – seen a lot. This place here just feels . . . purer. More real? That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. Different from all the other worlds I’ve seen. I’ve also had this . . . ability, for lack of a better word, which tells me how long I have left in each world and when I need to leave.

CHRISTOPHER: Like … a countdown?

MONICA: Yeah. As if I’m on borrowed time when I’m there and when that time is all used up I need to get the fuck out of there.

CHRISTOPHER: What do you think would’ve happened if you had stayed in one of those worlds beyond the deadline?

MONICA: Huh. Good question. Hadn’t really thought about it. I’ve just been running nonstop and I’ve never taken the time to even consider it. But I’d have to say . . . maybe I’d be stuck there. Whatever was letting me go through doors on to other worlds would stop. Be severed. And that would be it. I’d have to stay there for the rest of my life. Or maybe it’s worlds themselves that are ending. And if I think back to that last world where most of the planet was dead . . . Yeah, it’s a chilling thought. 

CHRISTOPHER: You aren’t the first person to tell me something like this. And you don’t sense this feeling with Point Mystic? No countdown?

MONICA: No. It’s really weird. It wasn’t exactly a ticking clock in my head, but the mental equivalent. It was always there. Letting me know. And now it’s just not. It’s just gone. Maybe it’s a safe place. For now.

CHRISTOPHER: Are you going to remain in Point Mystic, for as long as it feels safe?

MONICA: I don’t know yet. I guess we’ll see. It’s nice to have the fucking choice for once. Does everyone stay?

CHRISTOPHER: Some people move on, some choose to stay – if they feel called to. Do you feel called?

MONICA: I don’t know. Doesn’t really matter if I did. Point Mystic is not what I came searching for through all these worlds. 

CHRISTOPHER: Why were you going through the doors?

MONICA: [Laugh] Good question. I’m looking for someone. The love of my life, Jake. He got lost through a doorway in a place called Ostium. 

CHRISTOPHER: You’ve seen Ostium?

MONICA: You’ve heard of it?

CHRISTOPHER: The empty town of doorways in Northern California? Yea. I’ve been there. Investigating the supernatural is what our radio show is about. 

MONICA: Maybe you can help me then. (Breathes)

We were in this dark place fighting for our lives, and Jake had rescued what we thought was a monster, but was in fact a helpless thing that didn’t know what was happening to it. And… It’s so fucking stupid… Jake opens up a doorway to bring us back to Ostium. It took everything he had left in him to do it. He sent me and that poor fucking thing back through the doorway. And he didn’t leave any strength left for himself. Jake tried to bring himself through the door. He tried. He screwed it up. The door closed on him and now he’s lost out there somewhere. In time.  He’s dissapeared on me a few times in the past and I wasn’t fucking having it this time. So I went after him. I went through another doorway — I didn’t care to where, or how dangerous — and I went after him. And I’ve been trying to find him ever since.

CHRISTOPHER: I’m sorry. I almost lost my son, Fox, through a doorway. I would have done the same as you, jumped down the rabbit hole after him,  if he hadn’t come out of it. (Pause) Have you considered if Jake might have ended up here in Point Mystic?

MONICA: Not till you just said that. Huh. I guess it’s possible. CHRISTOPHER: I’d look for him here.

MONICA: Do people drawn to Point Mystic magically find what they are looking for?

CHRISTOPHER: No… No they don’t. But they usually find what they need.

MONICA: So how should I look? Start walking around town? Put up WANTED fliers? Yell his name from the fucking mountain tops?

CHRISTOPHER: There’s a lighthouse at the end of the point. A lot of people who try to find Point Mystic end up at the guesthouse. I’ll take you there. There’s someone else I’m supposed to interview there today. You are the third person to find your way here this week that I know of.

MONICA: Is his name Jake?


MONICA: The person you are interviewing.

CHRISTOPHER: Sorry, no. It’s someone named Logan. Found his way to Point Mystic through a crossroads in the middle of Georgia, of all places. I haven’t met a Jake. He could be here. I mean people come and go from Point Mystic all the time. There are many doors. Come with me. 

MONICA: You know what? I’m good. I think I’m going to just sit here and finish my coffee. Maybe he’s here in Point Mystic. Maybe he’s not. But you’re right about one thing. There are many doors.  

CHRISTOPHER: I really, do hope you find him, Monica. If not here, then somewhere. Calliope rents rooms upstairs if you’d rather stay in town. 

MONICA: If you see a guy walking around looking for someone named Monica, you’ll let me know, right?

CHRISTOPHER: I will .Thank you for speaking with me. And really – Monica, if you need help, call me. 

MONICA: Thank you… really. It’s all fucked up. But you and everyone I’ve met here have been kind. And it’s been a real long time since I could just sit with a cup of coffee and look at the ocean, and not wonder when my time was up.

[Sound of tape recorder stopping]



[Sound of tape recorder starting. Ambient sound of room interior or exterior, ocean waves in the distance]

CHRISTOPHER: Testing, Testing. This is interview #70? –  71. Subject appeared out of thin air right outside the lighthouse. 

JAKE: Could we speed this up? I’ve got a lot of questions for you, too. Like where the hell I am. 

CHRISTOPHER: Look you’re safe. You’re in Point Mystic, at a lighthouse called The Light at the End of the World… that draws people to it. I know this is all probably pretty confusing. Do you know how you got here?

JAKE: I went through a door and ended up here, outside this lighthouse.

CHRISTOPHER: What kind of door?

JAKE: Standard bathroom door in an abandoned McDonalds.

CHRISTOPHER: Does that usually happen when you go through doors?

JAKE: Normal people, not so much. Me: par for the course. It’s kind of my thing. I’m a time traveler of sorts, and traveler of many worlds at this point, I guess. In the past twenty-four hours – though time is kind of blurring for me right now – I’ve gone through so many doors and visited so many places I can’t keep count. This place is definitely nicer than most I’ve seen. 

CHRISTOPHER: So you weren’t looking for it?

JAKE: No, not exactly but it does feel like something was leading me here, if that makes any sense. 

CHRISTOPHER: Do you know what that is?

JAKE: A sensation that’s been pulling me forward?  I knew it was real as soon as I arrived because it stops here. This place is not like the others. It’s . . . freeing. Unencumbered. It’s hard to put into words exactly, and not all those places I went through were necessarily bad, though some of them definitely had their downsides. Like the guy who went kind of crazy at the end and wanted to kill me. But this place, even though I haven’t been here very long, I can tell things are different. I feel . . . I know it’s a weird way to put it, but I feel at home here. There’s also one other big change.

CHRISTOPHER: What’s that?

JAKE: I don’t have to leave. The thing that’s been calling me — it’s here. Is it this place? 

CHRISTOPHER:  It might be. Is your name Jake? 

JAKE [Shock]: Yes! How did you know?

CHRISTOPHER: I think you should come with me. There’s someone here in town, who’s looking for you. 

[Sound of tape stopping]